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Course Curriculum – Yoga Nidra Teacher Training


Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a deep relaxation practice rooted in the tantric tradition.  There are four primary uses for this practice: healing, improved cognition, transformation and spiritual awakening. This 20-hour teacher training will provide practices and techniques focused on healing and transformation providing a strong practical foundation to enable yoga teachers to design their own yoga nidra classes.  Each section will include theory as well as physical movement and yoga nidra practices.

Course Curriculum Overview

20 hours Training

  • Understanding of the four states of consciousness and how to reshape the unconscious mind
  • Understanding the concept of dharma and engaging some specific exercises to help you achieve your purpose in life
  • How the koshas impact the practices of yoga nidra
  • How to work with the powerful yogic model of the mind, samskaras and sankalpa
  • The central nervous system, neurophysiology, and sleep
  • Seven yoga nidra practices

Prerequisites :

This course can be taken by the following:

– Teachers in training or teachers who have completed a 200-Hour Yoga teacher training

– Body workers, psychologists, trauma workers, and any student who wants to deepen their knowledge and awareness of the practice

* For Students enrolled in the 500-Hour teacher training program this course forms part of your curriculum. The CE credits will be applied.