OCTOBER 21-24, 2021

Kundalini Energy is the universal energy of Supreme Intelligence manifested in human beings as the highest source of potentiality.

~To what extent have you transformed your personal yoga practice to include the holistic unfolding of Kundalini Energy?

~Are you searching to gain the freedom from fear and access the intelligence of your higher mind?

~Are you ready to step into your power as a teacher and practitioner and tap into the totality of yoga to transform your life and yours students lives? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions

consider this course as an opportunity to inspire

your greatest gifts as a teacher!

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Uncover your full potential to Teach, to Practice, to Live.

  • You will learn to weave the time-immemorial Tantric techniques into your modern-day classes to create specific psycho-energetic effects in the body-mind.

  • You will bring a level of sophistication to your teaching and overcome boundaries and limitations you may have placed on yourself.

  • You will begin to serve your students’ needs by giving them the totality of a yoga practice that can be felt long after they leave their yoga mat

  • This systematic approach to awakening Kundalini will have a profound effect on your personal life, weaving your inner world with your outer world and creating a symphonic effect on the quality of your life.

Course Description

Long ago Tantric masters discovered that success in both the outer world and the spiritual realm is possible if we awaken the dormant power of the soul, the Kundalini Shakti. No other path of yoga is as comprehensive and as systematic as Tantra. The literal meaning of Tantra is to weave or to expand. Tantra practice re-weaves the fabric of life back to its original nature, back to the power of your self-essence.  Awakening your Shakti and accessing the essential power of your divine nature is the intention of this training.

The principles you will learn more than any other training will change the way you experience your practice and the way you see the reach of yoga.  You will learn how to bring a quality of sophistication to your teaching and impact your students’ lives in the most exceptional way possible.


  • This course is a combination of lecture content, and practices. Each practice and the sequence of lectures builds on the one before. The lectures support the practices and the practices support the lectures
  • Historical overview of Tantra
  • The descent from pure consciousness into matter: How humans manifest into matter, according to the Samkhya philosophy
  • The strategy for creating the most powerful, effective, and purposeful sequences that embody the totality of yoga
  • The stages of Tantra sadhana and the holistic approach to awakening Kundalini Shakti
  • Dissolving the Chakras: The LayaYoga approach to working with the psycho-energetic wheels
  • Mastering prana: The Prana Vayus in depth (directing life force energy) and how to apply the Vayus to your practice and group classes.
  • The power of Tantric meditation practices. Techniques and practices to empower your self-essence
  • Peer reflections and discussions after each practice
  • Distance learning component 15 hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain the confidence to step into your power as a yoga teacher steeped with the knowledge of the ancient teachings
  • Expand the reach of your practice with the philosophical principles and wisdom of the tantric tradition
  • Develop your capacity to apply a unique set of techniques to your teaching and practice that will evolve you as a teacher and a person
  • Be capable of designing the most effective practices possible to accommodate a wide variety of students and levels of ability while working towards a specific energetic outcome.
  • Experience Tantra as a methodology for empowerment and self-mastery
  • Develop your spiritual progress and open the door to help your students thrive


  • Registrants should hold a 200 – hour teacher training certificate, or be a Yoga practitioner with a deep desire to delve into the ancient teachings

About Your Teacher

Uriel MacGillivary E-RYT 500 Hour, Reiki Master

Uriel is a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, and a leader of transformational Yoga teacher trainings and retreats across the Globe.  She is the founder of Shanti Yoga Studios and the Shanti Traditional School of Yoga based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Having held senior management and marketing roles in Corporate Canada for twenty years she answered the call to become a yoga teacher.  A life-changing journey to India to study the ancient teachings would transform her life. Overnight she walked away from everything that she knew and started a phase in her life that would take her on the adventure of a lifetime.

Stepping into her true purpose she recognized that students longed for the same deep transformation in their lives.  Her studios and teaching philosophy are guided by the values of the time-honored wisdom teachings of the yoga tradition.

Led by masters such as the late Georg Feurerstein, of the Traditional School of Yoga and world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher Rod Stryker she is a student for life. Having studied Tantra, Vinyasa Krama, and Iyengar yoga, she brings a multi-disciplinary approach to her teaching.

My vision is clear she says:  “I believe in the power of yoga to transform lives and inspire students to awaken their souls calling”.

Dates, Times & Location

Tantra Sadhana-Awakening the Power of The Soul

October 21-24, 2021

5:30-8pm on October 21 | 8-5pm on October 22-24

Shanti Yoga Dartmouth

Investment Details

Regular Students: $495+hst ($595+hst after September 15, 2021)

Shanti YTT Grads: $395+hst ($495+hst after September 15, 2021)

$100 non-refundable deposit due upon registration | Balance Due by TBD, 2020

Fee & Refund Details

  • All programs are non refundable.
  • Cancellations made prior to 14 days before the course start date will be given an account credit.

Payment Methods

Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard or Debit.

Payment plans available upon request.  Contact info@shantihotyoga.ca